Sophisticated technology with a personalized approach

Before we introduced our first connected device with embedded cellular technology, we spent a lot of time getting it right. Through our pioneering work, Telcare developed the first FDA-cleared cellular blood glucose meter.* And along the way, we learned that the simpler and more effortless we make the technology, the more often people will use it.

* FDA clearance does not imply approval.

The freedom of cellular connectivity

Telcare isn’t Wi-Fi dependent, so there’s no searching for networks, asking for passwords, or giving up. There’s no need for users to have a cell phone, app, USB cords or additional hardware. Patients don’t even have to enter data, since Telcare does it automatically anywhere it has cellular connectivity. And there are no data transmission charges.

Messaging capabilities support engagement

Immediately after each test with the cellular-enabled meter, patients receive personalized, contextual messaging right on the meter’s screen, which helps influence behavior at the most teachable moment. In response to specific levels of blood sugar readings, triggered messages can be automatically generated. There’s also a custom messaging tool that lets clinicians send individual messages to the meter, a cellphone, or email address. For people with diabetes, there are multiple libraries for Type 2, Type 1, and gestational patients, all designed to provide personalized engagement.


All data sent to secure, HIPAA-compliant data repository

Through the Telcare System, current blood sugar data are automatically available for the patient and their healthcare ecosystem. But this is just the beginning. Telcare’s advanced analytics platform makes it easy to see emerging clinical and financial risk, enabling timely support for patients, while reducing the costs of care. We understand that not all data is created equal, so we identify what matters and connect the healthcare professionals or family members, who can make a difference. And all data is highly secure, compliant with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.