Because you have
a life to live


We all want to live simpler, healthier lives. If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, Telcare is here to help. We seamlessly connect your entire circle of care and give you timely and actionable information. So you control your condition. It doesn’t control you.



We keep it simple

Telcare is easy to use. We provide an FDA-cleared* meter connected to your care team, which keeps track of all your glucose readings. For a person living with diabetes, this means immediate feedback after each blood sugar reading, without the tedious manual logging of results. Charts and graphs that are easy to understand help you manage your condition in real time.

* FDA clearance does not imply approval.


We connect your entire
circle of care

Telcare is the first cellular-enabled solution that connects everyone who can help you manage your condition: healthcare professionals, clinical services, educational resources, and your network of family and friends. We send you messages and reminders, along with personalized education, and we keep your doctor in the loop with timely updates on your health. You can also allow family and friends who are caregivers access to critical health data. The goal is simple: to make managing your health a routine, not an obstacle.




Everybody benefits

When you have a chronic condition, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people care about you.
With Telcare, each of them can give you the support you need and have confidence you’re in good hands.

Your Clinical

Your clinicians get easy and timely access to critical patient data that helps them partner with you to more effectively manage your health.

Your Friends
& Family

Your friends and family get peace of mind, knowing that you and your clinical team are actively managing your condition.

Your Health

Your health plan gets a satisfied member because they’re helping you take care of your health.


Your employer gets a healthier employee who is more productive and dependable.


Covered by many health plans

Health plans understand that giving you an effective toolkit to better manage your chronic condition will improve your health and lower the long-term costs of your medical care.
So many leading health plans cover Telcare.
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