Focus on patient engagement

Timely, actionable information is critical in managing patients with chronic conditions. Too often physicians lack critical patient insights. An absence of data or an overwhelming quantity makes getting a clear picture difficult. Telcare understands this challenge and provides timely information in an easily consumable form.

Make visits more effective

Office visits for patients with chronic conditions are often focused on review of patient logs with little time for meaningful dialogue. Through simple integration with your practice management workflow, Telcare makes it straightforward to monitor your chronically ill patients. Time-stamped readings allow you to monitor patients beyond the office. With timely insights and two-way messaging, office visits can be focused on more important opportunities for proactive care.


Get a clear, effortless picture of your patient

Telcare delivers patient data in a highly accessible format.

Clear charts and graphs provide
a comprehensive view of
patient activity.

Clinician messages to patients are sent in an FDA-compliant form.*

* FDA compliance does not imply approval.

Telcare saves physicians time;
sends updates directly
to the patient's EMR.

Build a productive partnership

The demands of increasing patient loads and growing prevalence of chronic conditions make meaningful dialogue with individual patients a constant challenge. Telcare gives physicians clear visibility into patient activity beyond the office visit. When you have ongoing insights, it’s much easier to focus your energies on timely interventions. You deliver better care and your patient
stays on track.